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Husband and wife join forces to tell their stories while they review New York City's hottest restaurants.

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November 25, 2012

SheView: Catch

Third Floor of Restaurant

Crispy Shrimp!


Edward Hopper is a classic American artist who revolutionized realist art in the twentieth century. I adore so many of his pieces, including some of my personal faves - Chop Suey, Rooms by the Sea and Nighthawks. I used to visit The Whitney quite often (as often as a true downtowner can tolerate being uptown) to see the Hoppers, even trying to imitate his oils in my apartment on 8th Street as the non-painter that I am. What a waste of paint! This extraordinaire’s paintings of: diners, houses, lighthouses, New England, New York (city, cityscape), New York rooms, people (portraits), restaurants, roads, rooms, the sea (ocean, maritime, nautical) and the sun has resonated with tens of thousands of admirers.  His works have filled and warmed the walls of various museums throughout the states -- and on this particular evening served as some delightful dinner conversation.


Catch, a newer EMM venture in the Meatpacking district, leaves classic American about two oceans away. Instead, traditional tranquility is replaced with bright lights, grandiose spaces (3 floors - including a club) and a pain in the ass reservation policy, not to mention impossible tables to obtain. The menu, Asian Fusion and Seafood, is as extensive as their wine and booze list, which is lengthier than most of the girls’ dresses dining in this trendazoid establishment.  After being collected at the bar and escorted up to our table by a mixed crew of people (think: kids (22-25) older kids (26-30) and old machismos who probably have kids at home (50 to infinity))! At 10:00pm, we placed our orders in entirety: Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Crispy Shrimp (yum but total bootleg copy of original NoBu), Baked Shrimp (awesome and garlic-y) and two sushi rolls - Spider and something tempura. 3 drinks in... late seating...Friday night bender...who remembers the trivialities of some roll. Do you HeView? Our Brussels Sprouts, Branzino and Fried Chicken Breasts (not bras) over root veggies, potatoes and thyme jus came out before the strike of 12 - which was lovely because getting a carriage in this parta town is harder then turning Cinderella’s pumps into authentic Louboutins. The boys and I agreed that for this party-oriented, promoter-heavy, overpacked and over served type of place, the food was quite good considering this is a place where people are truly coming to meet, greet and possibly get dirty. Catch and Hopper really have nothing in common; maybe just the Sea and the See. You might croak waiting on OpenTable the night before, for the month-ahead - and with drinks, all in, Catch might get pricey, but it’s surely less than a real Hopper; and most certainly worth the time and effort to hang with good friends.  21 Ninth Avenue | Between 13th and Little West 12th Streets (212) 392-5978


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