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Husband and wife join forces to tell their stories while they review New York City's hottest restaurants.

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August 28, 2011

SheView: 10 Downing

Have you ever reluctantly gone on a second date knowing full well that there was no shot in hell for you and this other person? You go because you’re lonely, or it’s an activity or it’s convenient to your home. Well, that’s exactly how I feel about 10 Downing. It draws me in time and time again but never do we feel a mutual adoration. Sadly, it’s missing more than chemistry.

10 Downing

10 Downing cannot be parked on a better piece of real estate. It’s on sixth ave right smack in the middle of the West Village, gracing the presence of restaurant royalty, both Da Silvano and Bar Pitti. This is where the models, actors and actresses and all the cool kids hang, eat and get their drink on. It is also a great meeting place for brunch whether you are coming from the Flatiron or Northern Tribeca. It’s just easy like that. The menu is limited and the blood mary’s are good… sometimes. Their brunch menu consists of a few unappealing to the masses type salads (heirloom tomatoes and watermelon) and sandwiches (curried mayo chick salad). Maybe I’m just biased because I’m not a huge tomato lover and I absolutely abhor mayo but I encourage you to read on (especially if you live south of 14th street). There are five entrée plates if you do not plan to order eggs- curried spice pot pie, grilled flank steak salad, sautéed shrimp over rigatoni, buttermilk Tabasco fried chicken and their signature burger. These heavy options did not at all appeal to me on a hot summer day although my crew felt like feeling the fat and ordered burgers and fried chicken. God bless em.’ Tom Colicchio, Top Chef producer/creator/judge and dominator as well as renowned NYC restaurant(s) owner says the test of a great chef is in their omelette - well, Tom please omit 10 Downing from your to-do list. The omelette (I admit my second time ordering it and my second time feeling the same way) was runny, tiny and lifeless with a few Spartan peas (does anyone really like peas?), some watery spinach, some sad looking tomatoes and a mound of oily cheddar served next to some boring over salted greens. No offering of toast or carb. Not all NY female downtowners over 5’9 are anorexic! I could’ve used some bread so I wouldn’t have to pick at my gnarly runny egg brunch. As for the burgers - dry and dull. There was nothing signature about these patties unless someone famous signed them. On top of the food being pretty vile or subpar to the fried chicken eater, the service was rough, long and painful. All of our orders and drinks came out wrong and we repeatedly asked our server for simple requests: skim milk, sugar, and things on the side. Come on’ it’s NY, we all do everything on the side! Needless to say, its back to the brunch drawing board and us Views will not be returning not ever to 10 Downing. Menupages might need to start an Okcupid for dining…just saying. 10 Downing St | at 6 Ave (212) 255-0300


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